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We are an established Egyptian medical supplies manufacturer since 1989. Our production capacity is 10 million surgical gowns & 5 million drapes for the different surgical operations . The company employs an average of 450 employees in the production of a wide variety of medical disposables.
MEDIC 9001, ISO 13485 and CE Marking. We have exported our products internationally to 25 countries worldwide and we were the first to introduce the disposable surgical gowns and drapes to the Egyptian market which we contribute to with an average of 75%. We are in the production of a wide range of protective apparel that includes surgical gowns, drapes, protective gowns, scrubs, head wear, shoe covers, lab coats coveralls, and face masks.
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Six Reasons to Choose us

$/€ 00.00 Customs Clearance

According to the agreements between Egypt and European / African counties, there is no customs clearance, accordingly, the shipping cost will be decreased according to the agreements between Egypt and European / African counties, there is no customs clearance, accordingly, the shipping cost will be decreased

High quality

MEDIC is one of the pioneer’s companies in the middle east, and considered as one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the field of Disposable surgical clothes (Surgical Gowns, Surgical Drapes, Face Mask…..Etc.), with CE certificate and products are in conformity with EN13795, so we provide the highest level of quality

Short transit time

Egypt Location in the heart of global leads the distance between it and anywhere to be shorter than any other places, so make sure that your shipment will take the shortest transit time, to be in your hand and within your expected period.

Short production Period

According to our last expansions, now we can provide the order within the shortest production period, through skilled labor.

High flexibility method

Medic so keen to set a long term, profitable and successful partnership, so we can provide the products according to your needs and requirements, also the MQO is one container even with mixed items.

Talented and efficient export teamwork

MEDIC has a talented export team, they have been trained by the highest level of knowledge to be qualified enough to provide the highest level of service and assistance.

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Have any questions?
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A Full Range of Equipment

All our products are designed to provide optimum performance.

Surgical Drapes and packs

MEDIC provides the full range of the OT surgical drapes and packs, like a utility, self-adhesive and fenestrated drapes, and also like the universal, Orthopedics, Ophthalmic, delivery, C-section, Cardio-Vascular, Extremity and Urology Drapes, and packs.

Surgical Gown

We are the leader of the surgical Gowns in the middle east, we provide the Surgical gowns, in Standard and Full Reinforced.

Non-sterile items

Also, we provide the caps, face mask, and shoe cover, for all the OT uses.

4 Mohamed Mazloum, Bab Al Louk, Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt

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(+) 202 2395 7989

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